Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) govern the general conditions pertaining to (i) the registration to online and in-person events (each referred to as “Event”, collectively as “Events”) organized and staged by Global Leading Conferences Kft. (“GLC”); to (ii) the purchase of products and services in relation to such Events; to (iii) the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship between GLC and its customers; and to (iv) the rules of attendance at in-person Events.

The provisions of Parts I and IV of this GTC are applicable in all cases to the purchase of tickets, products and services to, moreover to attendance at, the Events, and the legal relationship between GLC and the purchasers and attendees. Terms and conditions of the purchase of tickets, products and services to the Events are governed by Part II of this GTC. Part III of this GTC governs the general rules of attendance at the Events, moreover the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship between GLC and the attendees.


1. GLC: Global Leading Conferences Kft., with registered seat in Hungary,

1133 Budapest, Váci út 76., VAT reg. No.: HU23157653, furthermore, for the purpose of this GTC, the term GLC shall also include member companies of GLC Group, consisting of
(i) Global Leading Conferences Kft.;
(ii) INFOBASE S.R.L., with registered seat in Romania, Jud. Covasna, Loc. Sf. Gheorghe, Str. Oltului, Nr. 4/A, etaj 1, Reg. Nr.: J14/254/2017
(iii) Global Leading Conferences Pvt. Ltd, with registered seat in Sri Lanka No. 55/57 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01, Reg. no.: PV113731; and
(iv) G.L.C. EVENTS, with registered seat in the United Arab Emirates, Office No 511, Burlington Tower, Marasi Drive Street, Business Bay, Dubai, 238822 Reg. Nr.: 1976810.

2. Event/Events:
any online, in-person or hybrid conference, training or other type of event organized and staged by GLC.

3. Ticket:
a set of information provided by GLC in any (printed or electronic) form, verifying a claim to attend an Event organized by GLC.

4. Product:
items and rights of pecuniary value which may be purchased from GLC, its Associates or other Contracted Partners in relation to an Event, as well as any vouchers or other similar means which may be exchanged for them.

5. Service:
any service which is made available by GLC or its Contracted Partners at, or related to, an Event either free of charge or for consideration.

6. Registration Fee:
the full amount of the purchase price of all Tickets, Products and Services linked to a registration, including any applicable tax.

7. Customer:
the Purchaser and the Attendee.

8. Purchaser:
the natural or legal person purchasing Ticket, Product, or Service from GLC.

9. Attendee:
a natural person entitled to enter and participate in a specific Event.

10. Associate:
a subcontractor or agent of GLC.

11. Contracted Partner:
an enterprise or other legal person performing independent activity in relation to an Event, and not qualifying as an Associate.

12. Third Parties:
natural and legal persons other than GLC and the Customer.


1. Payment terms. The Purchaser may register to an Event via GLC’s website or in email. After providing the necessary data, accepting this GTC and, if applicable, the separate terms and conditions pertaining to other Products or Services, the registration is confirmed by GLC either manually or automatically. During registration, the Purchaser is required to indicate the name and email address of the Attendees. With the completion of the registration, the Tickets, Products and/or Services purchased by the Purchaser are linked to the indicated Attendees. The right of the Attendees to attend the Event shall be incorporated by the Ticket provided in the email confirming the registration. The Ticket may also incorporate further rights (e.g. conference documentation, lunches and refreshments, admission to networking social events, subject to the Event description). In no case shall the Ticket (and the Registration Fee) include travel, hotel accommodation, transfers, or insurance. If the Purchaser does not receive the confirmation email due to a technical problem, GLC, if notified by the Purchaser, shall send it again, free of any charge, to the given email address. It is the Purchaser’s sole responsibility to notify GLC in case it does not receive the confirmation.

The Purchaser is required to pay the full amount of the Registration Fee within five working days from the issue date of GLC’s invoice, either by bank transfer or secure online payment. All prices indicated by GLC are net prices. In certain cases (e.g. if the Customer is resident in Hungary; if the Customer is a private individual; if the Customer is based in the European Union, but does not hold a valid EU VAT registration number) VAT may be added. In case the Purchaser requires payment in other than the official currency (EUR), GLC reserves the right to apply 8 percent currency risk surcharge to the actual exchange rate.

The Purchaser shall pay the Registration Fee in cleared funds in accordance with the payment terms stated in the Ticket/ Registration Form. GLC shall have no liability whatsoever if Customer pays the Fees (or any portion thereof) into any bank account other than the bank account specifically designated by GLC to Customer for payment.  In particular, GLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, claim, or expense suffered or incurred by Customer and/or any of its Personnel arising out of or in connection with third-party fraud, including, without limitation, false change of bank account communications, identity theft, and other scams.  Payment of the Fees into the GLC’s designated bank account only shall satisfy the Customer’s payment obligations under this Contract.  To the extent that Customer receives any communication notifying Customer of a change in GLC’s designated bank account, Customer is required to verify the authenticity of the same directly with GLC.

2. Transfer of Tickets.
 If an Attendee specified by the Customer is not able to attend the Event, then the Customer may freely designate a new Attendee in their stead. Such a designation shall only be valid if communicated to GLC from the Customer’s official email address given at the time of registration.

3. Cancellation policy. The purchase process may be canceled before the registration is completed without any consequences. Following the completion of the registration, the Purchaser is not entitled to withdraw/ cancel from the purchase service as per the contract. Consequently, by completing the registration, the Customer shall have a final, binding, and unconditional obligation to pay the full amount of the Registration Fee to GLC. No cancellation shall be allowed, and GLC excludes the exchange, replacement, or refund of the Tickets, Products, and Services or the reimbursement of their purchase value in any other way, even if the Attendee fails to attend the Event.

4. Warranties and liabilities.
The Customer expressly acknowledges that Products and Services may also be purchased in connection with the Events that are provided by other Contracted Partners and not by GLC or its Associates (e.g. accommodation, food, or beverages). In such cases, the contract is concluded directly between the Customer and the Contracted Partner, and the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship apply solely to the Customer and the Contracted Partner. The Customer expressly acknowledges that they may not make any claim against GLC with regard to such Products and Services, or in connection with the contract for such Products and Services. GLC also states generally that it does not bear any liability in connection with Products and Services provided by Contracted Partners. GLC does not assume any liability for damage arising from or suffered in connection with purchasing or use of Services and Products provided by Contracted Partners.

The Customer states that the data that it has provided as being correct shall be provided correctly when making purchases. GLC does not bear liability for damages resulting from incorrect or non-functioning data, email addresses or delivery addresses being provided.

The Customer acknowledges that GLC does not bear liability for any damage or abuse arising during or as a consequence of any payment method. GLC, in particular, does not bear liability for the errors, failings, or security of the payment method used. In the case of bank transfers, GLC is not liable for the time taken for the transfer to be processed (with particular regard to banking holidays), or for damage arising from incorrect provision of the payee identifier or the transfer amount.



1. Performance. GLC provides the Attendee with the opportunity to attend, pursuant to the terms set forth in Part III of this GTC, the Event. No refund shall be given to the Purchaser if the Attendee does not want to, or cannot, attend the Event due to any reason, or if they leave the Event before the time until they would have been entitled to attend the Event. The contents and quantity of programs available at the Event is developed by GLC as organizer in accordance with the practice of previous years. Considering that GLC provides the programs in cooperation with numerous Associates and depending on the performance of such Associates, GLC shall not guarantee for the Customer the availability, content, quality and quantity thereof (such as the performance of a certain speaker, that the performance of a certain speaker shall be according to the Attendee’s expectations, or the opportunity to participate in a specific program). GLC makes all reasonable endeavours to provide the Events with professionally adequate speakers, however in case the performance or style of the speaker does not meet the expectations or raises the concerns of the Attendee, GLC shall not be held liable. Any judgement or opinion articulated by the speaker shall not be construed as the view of GLC.

2. Change of program.
 While every reasonable effort is made to adhere to the program communicated beforehand, circumstances can arise which may cause changes thereof, including, but not limited to, the method of delivery of the program, changes in the content, date(s), location, venue, or special features of the Event. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, acts of terrorism, war, extreme weather conditions, pandemic, compliance with government requests, orders and legal requirements, failure of Associates, Contracted Partners and Third Parties to timely deliver, and failure to register the minimum targeted amount of Attendees for a given Event. GLC shall at all times use all reasonable efforts to provide the programs communicated beforehand, and if such provision becomes impossible, to substitute another program for the cancelled program communicated beforehand. However, GLC reserves the right to change the method of delivery of the program, content (including the person of the speaker or the trainer) date(s), location, venue and/or special features of an Event, to merge the Event with another Event, or to postpone or cancel it entirely, as appropriate under the circumstances. The Customer agrees that GLC shall not be liable for any cost, damage, or expense which may have been incurred by the Customer as a consequence of the Event being so changed, merged, postponed, or cancelled, and the Customer agrees to hold GLC harmless and to indemnify GLC in case of liability caused by any such changes, mergers, postponements, or cancellations.

3. Cancellation of the Event. In case GLC cancels an event, it may offer the Purchaser a full credit up to the amount originally paid to GLC. This credit shall be valid for up to one year from the issue date of the invoice to attend any GLC-organized Event. The Purchaser shall not be entitled to this credit as a contractual right. In case physical attendance is not possible due to force majeure, GLC may offer, as an alternative, an online option for the Attendees. GLC is not obliged to refund the Customer, nor is able to provide a voucher for the future.

4. Rules of conduct at the Event. Attendees are required to abide by general norms and in accordance with relevant legal regulations of the jurisdiction in which the Event takes place, this GTC and, if applicable, with a separate policy on the sites of the Event. Attendees are required to refrain from all actions, statements, or behaviour which endanger the life, health, or physical well-being of others or which may violate others’ personal rights. Any form of economic, commercial or advertising activity on the site of the Event without the prior written permission of GLC is prohibited. On the site of the Event, GLC’s suitably qualified and authorized employees or Associates shall ensure enforcement of the rules of conduct and safety. The Attendee expressly undertake, by virtue of their participation in the given Event, that they shall fully cooperate with these Associates within the bounds of the law and follow their instructions in case of an emergency or if other important circumstances (for example reasons of public health) justify it. The Attendee may only enter the Event at their own risk. GLC shall be liable solely for intentional breaches of contract imputable to it and breaches of contract damaging human life, physical well-being or health, if such damages are caused by GLC, and excludes any liability beyond the explicit statutory rights of the Attendee with regard to any other damage event, including those damaging human life, physical well-being or health or damaging property. The Registration Fee has been determined with consideration to the exclusions of liability set out above.

5. Consent to Event filming and recording, exposure by the Attendee. The Attendee acknowledges that GLC, its Associates and Contracted Partners, as authorized by GLC, members of the press, other Attendees and other Third Parties may produce sound and/or image recordings of the Event. Accordingly, all Attendees, by virtue of their participation at the Event, give express permission to the recording and publication of their image, likeness and actions. Attendees, however, may only be named in such recordings with their express permission. Attendees considered public figures may be named without their permission. The person making recordings according to theabove rules shall gain transferrable and exclusive usage rights that are unrestricted in time, geographical location and form of usage with regard to the recordings of Attendees. GLC and persons authorized by GLC are entitled without restriction to make profit from, use, copy, publish, rework, make public, broadcast to the public and distribute such recordings of Attendees, without having to provide any consideration to them. The Attendee expressly acknowledges that GLC may record the Event, may copy the recordings and distribute them on image-bearing media, may broadcast them or otherwise make them public and may do so repeatedly, including making the Event available to the public by wire or by any other means (for example, through YouTube), such that members of the public can individually select the place and time of access. For a time period of 14 days, the Attendee who had previously purchase the recording can access them. The Attendee is not entitled to make any claim against GLC concerning recordings and their publication as set out above. Attendees shall only be entitled to make sound and/or image recordings at the Event if it is permitted by the trainer or the speaker of the event. In this case the Attendees may only make any recording with a sound and/or image recorder integrated into a telecommunication device used for personal aims (e.g. a mobile phone or a tablet) or otherwise with a non-professional equipment, moreover, the Attendee may not sell, use for consideration or use for commercial purposes without consideration image and voice recordings that they have made, name other Attendees featuring in such recordings without their consent, or violate the personal rights of such Attendees. In case the Event is pre-recorded, and the Attendee makes any recording of such Event, the recording shall not be shared with a third party, sold, distributed or used for commercial purposes. GLC is expressly not liable for other Attendees violating the above rules.



1. Scope. The Purchaser agrees by purchasing the Ticket, Product or Service, and the Attendee agrees by entering, or establishing an online connection to, the Event to be bound by this GTC. The Purchaser shall be required to inform the Attendees about this and shall be responsible for any damage arising from omission of information. This GTC is for an unlimited period of time. By this GTC becoming effective, GLC’s previous GTC shall become null and void.

2. Amendments. The Customer agrees that GLC is entitled to modify this GTC unilaterally for well-founded reasons. A well-founded reason is a change in a mandatory provision of any legal regulations relating to the legal relationship between the parties, or if the modification is supported by the requirement to conduct the Event in a safe and profitable manner at all times, by public safety or public health aspects, a development or change of ticket sales processes applied by GLC, or domestic or international economic conditions, market processes or by a change in event-visiting habits. If the GTC is amended, the modifications are marked in italics and underlined type face, and deletions are marked with strikethrough for comparison with the contents of the consolidated version of the most recent GTC. The modifications take effect immediately upon publication on the website operated by GLC, and, if the modification affects the legal relationship under Part III (i.e. not exclusively the purchase process under Part II), the Purchaser, for fourteen days from this date, is entitled to terminate this legal relationship in writing without giving reasons, provided that the Attendees have not begun visiting the Event. The Purchaser does not have a termination right if the modification contains only provisions more favourable to the Attendees. With respect to this, GLC notes for the Customer that the GTC may be modified after purchase, even immediately before the Event. GLC recommends that the Customer should monitor the modifications of this GTC.

3. Statute of limitations. Pursuant to this GTC and Article 6:22 Paragraph (3) of the Hungarian Civil Code, claims arising from the legal relationship between GLC and the Customer may only be enforced within a six-months limitation period.

4. Penalties. GLC is entitled to terminate the legal relationship with regard to the given Event or all those Events for which the Customer has a Ticket with immediate effect if the Customer has breached any provision of these GTC in connection with the legal relationship pertaining to any Event. In such case, GLC may invalidate the Customer’s Ticket, and the Attendee may be denied entry to, or be obliged to leave, the Event.

5. Ownership of intellectual property. The trainers or speakers shall at all time retain ownership and the sole rights to the intellectual property including the copyright of all Event material which are written and prepared by the them. The trademarks, logos, and other information and materials on the websites of GLC, in online and offline media and featuring at the Event are the sole property of GLC, its Associates or its Contracted Partners. The Customer may not use, copy, distribute or publish such markings in any form for the purpose of generating revenue without the express and prior written permission of GLC, its Associates and its Contracted Partners.

6. Force majeure. If GLC is not able to satisfy any of its contractual obligations as a result of a war, revolt, act of terrorism or threat of such, strike, a movement qualifying as a strike, an import or expert embargo, accident, fire, blockade, flooding, earthquake, natural disaster, severe storm, severe energy supply interruption, severe transport disturbance/obstruction, epidemic, pandemic, authority or military provision, order or act, or any other disturbance that cannot be foreseen and cannot be averted and that is beyond the control of GLC, then GLC shall not be liable toward the Customer for any loss or damage arising as a consequence of such events. This force majeure provision shall be applicable accordingly to the given Event as a whole, and to particular programs of the given Event.

7. Subcontractors. GLC is entitled to use subcontractors and Associates.

8. Choice of law. This GTC shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Hungary, without regard to its conflict of laws. GLC and the Customer agree that the District Court of Budapest Districts II and III and the Székesfehérvár Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction with regard to any legal dispute concerning this GTC, the Events or Services and Products provided by GLC, without regard to conflict of laws. Concerning the sale of any Product, the United Nation Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna, 1980) shall not be applicable.

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